Contemporary Latvian realistic painter - Andrejs Severetnikovs  

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the lonely walks

the lonely walks


Andrejs Severetnikovs the modern painter actively working in various genres: a figurative composition, a still-life, a landscape, a portrait, etc. After graduation of the Latvian Academy of arts in 1993 the artist has completely devoted itself to art and since then lives as the free, full time artist. The master characterizes own pictures as the classical realism.

The artist annually arrange personal exhibitions and exhibiting his work in various galleries.

In 1999 the artist has been invited in the USA for performance of a series of oil painted pictures for " Bible in oils museum ". See some pictures.

Andrejs Severetnikov's paintings are in museums and private collections worldwide.

art critics say:

"It could be said that Andrey’s realism is contemplative realism, based in meditative reflections and patient in-depth studies, which are not characteristic to present days.
It is realism, which not only helps to notice visual magnificence of surrounding world and to trace aesthetic games of reality, it is the realism, which can serve also as means of enlightenment in the infinite way towards awareness of its oneness." read more

"Andrey Severetnikov is a realist who never disappoints his audience. His work gradually captivates, letting us feel the depicted motive, weather it is a landscape, a still-life painting or a figurative composition. One wants to study them. The perception of artist's unconscious response to what he has seen, his ability to extend his experience on the canvas, provides us with the sense of accomplishment and tranquil pleasure, which are quite rare nowadays. It seems that the artist devotes himself to the natural seeing, and from his first exhibitions til now he does not abandon his reluctance to follow the trendy tendencies of the modern art."read more